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As part of the years-long experiment to help normalize cannabis, most people across the globe today have never even questioned where the word “CannaMoms” began or why it was created.

CannaMoms was born in 2013 and was formally established in 2014.

Moriah Barnhart and Jacel Delgadillo spent nearly $200,000 out of their own pockets as single, special-needs mothers bringing CannaMoms to life, educating and helping other families like theirs.

In 2016, CannaMoms was approved as the first federal nonprofit of its kind. Stay tuned as we prepare to share the rest of this story with the world.

We simply cannot continue to help the growing number of families in need without your support. 

In the meantime, as we work to bring decades of information, research, articles and media to our new site, please consider becoming a part of the village.

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As the spark that lit a movement nearly a decade ago,

the number of patients and caregivers who have reached out and who continue to reach out in need of assistance far exceeds our current bandwidth. Donors, sponsors, and members are funding a tremendous cause in a space where true charity work has historically been negligible.

You are providing desperately needed and immensely appreciated funds that will allow us to continue helping patients and families across the United States and globally.

Your donations and sponsorships are also tax-deductible!

For those who are in need of assistance, our membership benefits also include:

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