Organizations and Projects that keep our faith in humanity alive:

Products we’re in love with. CannaBaby tested, CannaMom approved!

Every kitchen should have one of these. Seriously.
As if the product doesn’t speak for itself, this company is constantly supporting and giving back to the community.

Diligent research led us to conclude that Young Living essential oils are the best available worldwide.
(All of our CannaBabies deserve the best!)

Nutrition is a child’s first medicine. We love that our kids love these low-carb, sugar-free complete fruit and vegetable supplements.
They’re great for parents, too!

Whether you just want your baby to have the best natural products or you’re dealing with chemo-induced diaper rash,
The Honest Company has got you covered.

From helping us to help our own children to helping us help you, these companies deserve a huge THANK YOU!