The Truth About Cannabis in Florida

A couple of years ago, parents were elated that we had finally made headway in the State of Florida when they passed a “low-THC” bill allowing for a modified definition of hemp in Florida. While we all knew we needed a much higher THC, even those of us treating our children, we felt like it [...]

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November Newsletter Issue I

November is a huge month for CannaMoms awareness. It is Epilepsy Awareness Month and it is also Type I Diabetes Awareness Month. Too many of our children suffer from these chronic and critical illnesses, and the medical community offers no cures and too little research! Let’s remember to go green and push for better treatment [...]

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What Childhood Cancer Really Means

WARNING: This was not written for parents of pediatric cancer babies. We already know the horrors of this fight. This was written to raise awareness for those who are completely unaware in order to garner more people on our team, more support for our cause, and to increase the research for a cure. If you [...]

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