A couple of years ago, parents were elated that we had finally made headway in the State of Florida when they passed a “low-THC” bill allowing for a modified definition of hemp in Florida. While we all knew we needed a much higher THC, even those of us treating our children, we felt like it was a huge step in the right direction. Surely, more dominoes would start to fall. Then the truth about this bill started to emerge. The politician who introduced the bill came out publicly to state he hoped this bill offset the public’s perception that anything more was needed so as to vote against Amendment 2; even though his own father had admitted without shame that he broke the law to get his friend street weed while dying of cancer as the only thing that helped him during that time. If this man would do this for his suffering friend, imagine what we parents would do for our children! We all knew what he obtained for his friend wasn’t “low-THC.” Yet both father and son opposed broader measure. All of their friends did, too! We knew early on something about the good ol’ boy system in Florida was very, very wrong. All of our children were using higher THC than what this bill allowed for. These politicians were made aware. Yet they passed it with flying colors, and refused to work with us further. Then the truth about the bill and its benefactors became more clear. Still, we waited as another session came and went and still no help was offered to our children. More and more children died. More children suffered. Not everyone can just pick up and move to a legal state as ignorant bystanders would recommend.

So while legislators were made aware for two years that this legislation is entirely insufficient, that we did in fact need and use much higher amounts of THC (yes, even for children with epilepsy) and that we believed it to be just a baby step in the right direction at the time (even those like myself who regrettably lobbied on its behalf), two years later they are still rewriting this “low-THC” legislation! Your tax payers dollars at work, Florida! But this year, they’ve added a provision to use pesticides in children’s medicine! The House Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee passed these provisions! Additionally, they have added some ridiculous setbacks to access for people who truly believe that hemp will help them, their child, or their loved ones. Even though hemp can already be imported. “Charlotte’s Web” is now shipping to all 50 states! This bill is the only reason Floridians did not have Charlotte’s Web last year, when it was shipping to 49 states but not Florida because of the contracts under this bill. So if you think this type of oil will help, buy it or one of the many comparable oils like Haleigh’s Hope or Revivid CBD that come with test results and ship nationwide today. This terrible bill is only trying to capitalize on a completely harmless hemp oil, which has absolutely no potential for abuse, and will pass with flying colors if not for a miracle, and no lobbying can save us apparently. Follow the money.

So here it is. We had no choice but to help our children and our loved ones. Cannabis is here in Florida, in every strain and every form. It’s been here and it’s not going anywhere. This is the legislator’s last chance to regulate it and eliminate the black market. We are no longer begging for the cannabis that is already here. What we are asking is that while we are up all night checking on our child to make sure they are still breathing, we are not also waiting on a SWAT team to kick our door down and take our child’s only caregiver away for trying to save their life. They had us convinced the Amendment wasn’t necessary. We waited and waited to do it through the legislature. If at the end of this session they have not fulfilled the will of the people yet again, we will be forced to put this into the Constitution. We are entirely prepared to do this in 2016.

We have parents ensuring their neighbors know the truth statewide, from Tallahassee to Miami. If you would like to join these mothers, please reach out today!