Our Mission

To provide awareness of, education about, and access to cannabis medicine for critically or chronically ill, medically-complex, and special needs children.

Who Is Cannamoms?

Cannamoms began as a group of passionate mothers advocating for the right and option to utilize cannabis in the care of their own critically-ill children. Knowing that working as a group of mothers all with the same message would have a much greater impact than any one mother working on her own, these mothers formally united as CannaMoms in 2014. They set out to tell the stories of their own children’s journeys, while educating the public on the medicinal benefits of cannabis, in order to create changes in the laws and in healthcare, as well as to spare any child the needless suffering that their own had endured.

CannaMoms fight diligently for common sense legislation, for rights and options for every parent in the care of their own children, and to provide other parents and their babies with hope, help, resources, and community. CannaMoms have spent tireless hours informing the public of the medicinal benefits of cannabis while advocating for more compassionate, more effective, and less harmful options for the treatment of children with critical illnesses. Their personal hardships and experiences in the care of their own children lend them the knowledge required to help other parents of critically ill children, and much of their time and effort is spent working directly with other families nationwide and worldwide.

CannaMoms quickly grew to include mothers nationwide sharing the same mission and the same message. They have taken part in documentaries in the United States, Japan, and Brazil; they have done media in Florida, Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Chicago, and have been featured in nationwide media; they have provided live and filmed testimonial for Senate and House hearings, as well as for several business, university, and educational seminars and conferences.



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